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Occupy The Sun Wiki

This project might be of interest to you if you are interested in any of the following:

   Micro and small scale off grid solar power ("solar generators")
   Remote monitoring, weather cameras or other environmental monitoring
   Single person off grid adventrue solar, remote outdoor activities
   Portable power for journalism
   Micro and small scale solar to support freedom 

For now email me bgirardot at or register on this wiki site to take the first step toward learning more about this project and the unit it produces.

If there is a specific topic or item you are interested in, ideally there will be a page about it with information for everyone and a page about it for discussion and questions about the topic, called the 'Talk' page for any wiki page. Any one wiki page is really two pages, the main page which is information and resources and the Talk page which is for discussion about the topic of the page and the main page itself. Dive in or email me!

Short term goal

Provide free device charging for people at occupied locations around the USA.

Provide extended field operations for journalists of all strips who need reliable off grid power.

Longer term goal

Design and build up to a 500W "Solar Generator" on a single pole or cart.

This unit would be designed for scaling between 100 and 500 watts for use in applications from unstaffed remote monitoring locations, to a single staff location performing power facilitation in a semi stable location in a humanitarian relief situation.

The same scaling will allow for a highly portable mobile field use package as well.

Contact me if you are interested

If you are at all interested in this project or have any questions, please by all means, contact me: bgirardot at gmail dot com

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